Arnold Violin Studio

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How old must a student be to begin studying violin?

Because I use the Suzuki method in much of my teaching, I am open to teaching very young children, certainly as young as 3. One of my own children began violin study at age 3, and I have taught several children of that age. I would consider teaching a younger child if both parent and child are ready. That said, beginning later is also fine. Each child is unique, and I am happy to work with whatever is best for you and your family, including beginning instruction as a teen or adult.

We're thinking about violin lessons for our child in the next several months. Is there anything we can do in the meantime to help prepare him or her?

Yes! You can help your child begin a lifetime love of music by listening to quality music regularly. Going to concerts and listening to music at home are both wonderful ways to develop musical awareness and curiosity. If you are thinking you would like your child to study with me, I highly recommend your child begins listening to Suzuki Violin School, Book 1, whether on CD, iTunes, Spotify, or some other platform. Listen to it repeatedly, but you don't necessarily need to listen actively -- it can be done during other activities (playing, reading, driving, eating meals, etc.) The goal of all this listening is to create an environment similar to that in which both parents play the violin professionally.

Do you teach adults?

Yes, I have several adult students at various levels of advancement. I enjoy teaching adults as much as I love teaching children. 

Should we purchase a violin before contacting you?

No. In fact, I much prefer to help and guide you in making a wise purchase or rental selection for your specific needs. Each child needs to be measured for the appropriate size instrument, and I am pleased to do that at no charge. I can also make suggestions for purchase and/or rental options and explain some of the pros and cons of each.

How do I get started?

Please feel free to contact me at or through this website's contact form. I can explain more about my studio, policies, etc. If you continue to be interested and I have room in my teaching schedule, we can discuss scheduling from there. If I do not have openings, I can add you to my waiting list or make a recommendation for another local teacher.

How long will lessons be?

Beginners usually start with 30 minute lessons and gradually move up to 45 minute, 60 minutes, or longer lessons. As a general rule, I recommend the following:

Suzuki Book 1 students - 30 minutes
Suzuki Books 2 & 3 students - 45 minutes
Suzuki Book 4 & higher students - 60 minutes+

Do you recommend music theory instruction?

Yes! Music theory is incorporated into lessons to some extent, but can be well supplemented with the Theory Time workbook series and/or Music Mind Games classes or practice at home. A student's personal needs should be discussed directly with the instructor.