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Music Mind Games


Music Mind Games, created by Michiko Yurko, is an amazing way to learn about music reading and music theory. Children love the games and activities and learn so much without even realizing they are doing so. Each game has one or more critical learning points, and activities build on one another to produce a strong, multi-year curriculum.


Topics to be studied include the musical alphabet, intervals, staff and notes, reading rhythms, musical symbols and terms, scales and key signatures, and triads and chords. Emphasis is on learning the fundamentals of music theory (including note reading) within a supportive, nurturing, and enjoyable environment. See the Music Mind Games website for more information.

At any given time, I may be running one to three or more groups of Music Mind Games classes, which I keep small to facilitate learning in groups of students at similar levels. Classes are held in my home studio. 

Interested in joining a class?  Contact me for more information.